Your Business Book Won’t Be a Bestseller, But it Might Just Make a Million

Too many authors judge the success of a book by the number of copies sold, instead of focusing on ensuring the book is written in a way that actually brings in valuable business, claims leading book coach and publisher Mindy Gibbins-Klein.

When it comes to writing a book, many would-be authors are understandably put off by the multi-million best sellers which are on the shelves. Having helped over 300 people to write and publish their books, Mindy knows first hand that the reality of book publishing is that most business book titles won’t shift more than a 1000 copies in a lifetime – many sell less than that.

That’s why Mindy is urging those wanting to build credibility and win new business by writing a book to focus on the quality of the content and appreciate that when it comes to a really successful book, it is not all about record numbers of copies sold, but the value of business that could be brought in, sometimes through just a single reader.

“A book is such an incredible marketing tool and one which allows you to present your thoughts, expertise and values in a way not possible via any other medium. If someone reads your book all the way through, they get a significant amount of information and a sense of your ideas as a leader. They will have spent on average, four hours of personal time with you through your book and if written in the right way, they’ll feel they know you. This is a fundamental leap forward in the sales process and will greatly accelerate the person’s decision ultimately to want to work with you,” says Mindy.

Mindy draws particular reference to a business consultant who impressed a potential client so much that a million-pound deal was agreed, after the client read about the author’s experience and expertise in his book.
“It’s a well known fact that people buy from people they like,” continues Mindy. “You’d be surprised just how much of an impact a well written book can have on potential clients’ feelings about your company and willingness to do business with you. You are unlikely to sell a million copies, but that doesn’t mean you won’t make a million pounds worth of business as a direct result of people reading your book!”