Writing The Perfect Children’s Book

Writing children’s books might seem very easy, but it actually could turn out to be one of the hardest forms of writing. Some people have a natural flair to think of and write stories, novels and educative books, which will suit and entertain children. But for some people it could take a lot of effort.

Before you write your books you need to take two factors into consideration:-

1. Children:

You need to find out what children like. This means you need to spend time with children, if you have got your own children this could be very easy, but if you don’t you might need to spend time with your friend’s or others children and find out what they like, what excites them, and what the latest trends are.

After you have gathered enough information you need to take a closer look at what children enjoy doing and think of ways to incorporate this information into your writing.

2. Parents:

It’s not just the children’s interests you need to take into consideration. Another factor you need to take into consideration is if the parents will approve your book. Before children get to read the book, their parents will normally read the book and the book reviews and make sure that the book is suitable for their children.

So if you want to make sure that children will get to read your book, you need to make sure that parents will give the book an approval. This is the reason why you need to find out all about the types of books, parents let their children read.

How do you find out what children like to read and what their parents let them read:-

1. Organize Events and Parties: Organize events and parties where children can come along with their parents and you can use this opportunity to spend some time with parents and children and find all about their likes and dislikes.

2. Conduct online surveys: There are many services which provide easy ways to conduct online surveys. You can take this opportunity to find out what sort of books let their kids read and what sort of books children like to read.

3. Social Media: A vast percentage of children and parents continue to spend time on social media sites like Twitter. You can take advantage of this opportunity to find out all about the latest trends and developments in children’s books.

Using tools like Social oomph you can track keywords people use on their tweets on twitter. So if run a search for the keyword children’s books or children’s stories daily, you will be able to find out the latest trends about children’s stories and children’s books that are being published on twitter every day.

These are some of the methods and techniques you need to take into consideration while writing children’s books and stories, to make sure you write books which suit both children and their parents.

Mitt Ray is a children’s book writer. His book “Living With Ogres,” http://www.mittray.com/living-with-ogres/ will be out by the end of this month. He also regularly posts articles on books and stories children and young adults will enjoy reading on his blog http://www.mittray.com/