Writer’s Block: How to Get Your Pen Moving

Writer’s block can definitely be an infuriating nemesis, especially if you have ever been on a deadline. Yes, we have all been there where you put your pen to paper, or more likely, you sit and stare blankly at your computer screen for minutes, hours, and maybe even days.

How do you break free of this horrible slump and get back to writing?

  • Stick to a writing schedule. If you have time set aside to write every single day, this will force you to push past the writer’s block. Make sure that you stick to your schedule as a legitimate appointment, where you will be put on the spot to write for an allotted amount of time. Yes, some of the writing may be absolute nonsense that you want to throw out, but at least you are getting the ball rolling.
  • Be kind to yourself. If you have been getting nowhere on your writing project for several days, cut yourself a little bit of slack. Most often, the root of your writer’s block is because you want to write the very best piece of literature – and who doesn’t? – although that may not be your first attempt every time. You need to understand that sometimes your writing will not be as good as you hope, but you can always go back and revise, edit, and revise again until it is up to par!
  • Focus on writing as your job. Instead of seeing it as an art where you have to wait for the creative moment to strike you, consider writing to be your job, and stick to it. When you see writing as a job, you will be motivated to continue to put the words on the paper, edit with an objective eye, and potentially change a portion of the story if it just doesn’t make sense.
  • Give yourself some downtime. Many writers can attest to the fact that your mind gets a serious workout when you are writing all day long. You may feel sleepy, grumpy, and irritable, so it is definitely a must to take some time off before your next project. Even if it is just an afternoon, give your mind a little bit of time to decompress so that you can think of fresh ideas for your next project.

Writer’s block can definitely ruin your day, but it doesn’t have to when you use these handy tips to keep the words flowing on your next project!

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