How Can You Write the Perfect Pitch Letter?

pitch-letterA relatively new staffer at a PR agency asked me recently to consult with her and review the pitch letter she wrote.

Here’s what I told her.

Reporters and TV producers tell me they don’t have time to read long pitch letters. They are swamped! One producer said she gets more than 1,000 pitches a day! That’s right. Each day!

So what can you do to stand out from the crowd?

One simple tip:

Write less.

Most producers use their cell phones as their main communication tool. If you write a 500 word pitch letter, it will look like “War and Peace” because they are reading it on a small screen.

That means you have to write short. By short. I mean 3-4 sentences.

The first explains the problem: Your readers are overworked and need to find new ways to relax.

The second sentence explains how you can help: My new book shows 15 innovative ways to reduce stress.

The third sentence asks for action: You can interview me on the air or by phone and I’ll share my best tips.

The fourth sentence tells them why you are perfect – but keep it short! I’ve done research for 5 years with 50 companies and have written a book about this.

Then list your contact info.

That’s it!

They less you say, the more success you’ll have!

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