Write Faster with These Tips

Have you been working on your book for months, but feel that you have not made any progress? Does it seem like it takes you forever to write an article? It doesn’t have to be that way. You can write more in less time by making a few simple changes to the way you approach writing. These tips can help.

1. Create an outline. Before you begin writing, make a plan. Just as you would not leave on a road trip without a destination, do not begin your writing project without knowing where it is headed. Create a structure that will get you from here to there.

The outline for a “how to” project might include a list of the steps you plan to include. What tips are you going to share in your tips article? What is the basic plot structure of your novel? Planning what you will write before you start can cut your writing time in half.

2. Have a writing space. Choose a place where you can write without being interrupted. Have anything you need while writing, such as reference material, close by. Close the door, turn off the telephone, and just write without distractions.

3. Use your most productive time of day to write. If you are a night owl, trying to write first thing in the morning will not be effective for you. Chose a time of day when you are most alert and energized, and use that time to write.

4. Set a timer to keep you focused. It is easy to get distracted while writing. Eliminate the sources of those distractions (e.g., Internet, telephone, radio, etc.) then set a timer and write until it goes off. Depending on what you are writing and how much time you have, you might set the timer for 15 minutes, 50 minutes, 90 minutes or whatever time works for you. It should be long enough to get something done, but not so long that you lose focus. When the timer goes off, take a break for a few minutes, then reset the timer and get back to writing.

5. Write in chunks. Sometimes writing a book or even a long article can feel overwhelming. Instead of thinking about your project as a 2,000 word article, a 32-page booklet or a 75,000 word book, break it into smaller pieces. After all, it is easier and less intimidating to write a chapter than an entire book. Also, you do not have to write the entire project in sequence from the first word to the last. Start in the middle, if that is easier for you.

6. Do not edit while you write. Your pace will slow to a crawl if you try to fix everything as you write it. Whether you are writing fiction or non-fiction, editing as you write inhibits your flow and creativity.. Just write (No editing!) until you have a draft of the chapter, article or section. . Then go back and edit for spelling, grammar and clarity. This one tip may double your writing speed.

Writing fast is an acquired skill. With practice and commitment, you can write more in less time, without losing any quality. In fact, if you follow these six tips your writing quality may improve while you get more written.

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  1. Wade Hilton says

    A lot of people think they have to inspired to write, but that is not true. Simle tips like these (the ones mentioned above) are a great way to get started and carry out your endeavor.