Why Should You Write Your Life Story?

Writing your life story is embarking on a journey through the past. It’s a unique journey, one no one else has ever taken. That’s because the road you’ll travel is built from your very own memories and experiences ~ your very personal reactions to all the situations and events you’ll be remembering.

Your life will pass before your eyes. You’ll re-experience its pleasures and pains, longings and achievements, loves and hates. This is not a journey for the squeamish, but those with the courage to walk this road will be wonderfully rewarded. These rewards will radiate out, from you, to your family, to your entire society.

“How can that be,” you ask? “I’ve led such an ordinary life.” Well, that’s what you think! In reality, your life is unique. It is a bridge to the past. Your life story is your finest legacy and an invaluable gift for your family.

Members of your family want to know more about your life than you realize. They’ll treasure every word you write. To them, you are the connection, the bridge, between the remarkable past and the present. You are history, and history disappears if you don’t record it.

You’ve been living through one of the most event-packed periods of human history. From splitting logs to splitting atoms, the 20th Century has brought immense change. You’ve seen it first hand and have thoughts and feelings about it. Now’s your chance to tell about them.

There’s little opportunity today for kids to hear the stories of their family’s past. Not only don’t they experience the lifestyles their parents and grandparents lived, too often they don’t even know about them. Most of today’s kids exist in isolation from their own pasts.

When we’re marooned from our ancestors and traditions that have evolved — within the family, the tribe, the nation, the culture from which we sprang — we’re separated from a meaningful sense of SELF. Kids need the connectedness that comes from knowing their grandparents as people; from understanding their heritage and the basis of their family’s values.

So that brings us to the first reason for writing your life story: to create a legacy for your family Writing your life story is the perfect way to link generations. It’s a voyage of self-exploration – a way to discover more about yourself and how you came to be the person you are today.. It’s equally important for society, allowing others to experience another historical period. In offering younger people the chance to participate in life as you’ve known it, you make it easier for them to understand the forces and values that shaped your life. It can give kids courage. The message they receive is:

Some things in life never change. Some things are scarey, but you can get through them. Look at me! I was just as scared as you are, and I made it. You can, too.

Or: Okay, so you goofed. It isn’t the end of the world. Let me tell you about a goof I made at your age…”

Writing your life story also offers you the possibility of PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION.

As you journey backward through your life you’ll gain new insights. With the passions of earlier moments now behind you, you can review them more calmly. You can begin to look back on your life with more understanding and sympathy — to understand not only your place within your family but your place in history. Not only can you begin to forgive others, you can also begin to forgive yourself. You’ll see your life-so-far in new ways. You’ll begin to see patterns and threads of continuity you hadn’t been aware of. You’ll recognize themes, life-long desires and preferences. Through these recognitions, you may discover hidden meanings and even missions in your life.

You may discover that your personal mission is as family historian. Or this may be only the first stepping stone toward a life of greater awareness, fulfillment and satisfaction in a work which you are yet to discover.

In either case, prepare yourself for this journey’s personal adventure of self discovery!

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