15 Reasons Why Guerrilla Marketers Love E-Mail

  1. E-mail is efficient. It’s quick, easy to use and conserves time.
  2. E-mail gets through. You can reach busy, powerful people who won’t ordinarily take or return your phone calls via e-mail.
  3. E-mail has become the publicists’ most powerful tool. Sending short, gentle reminders helps publicists balance the need to continually follow-up and the danger that in doing so they might alienate important media contacts.
  4. E-mail gets right to the point. E-mail etiquette encourages brevity and precision.
  5. E-mail allows for Quick, Clear Messages.
  6. E-mail can contain links to your website or other sites.
  7. E-mail lets you transmit bulky files instantly.
  8. E-mail delivers even when unread. When recipients don’t read their e-mail, they usually check to see what came in and who sent it. The subject line on e-mail inboxes provides a small space in which you can convey the gist of your message. It keeps you on the recipients’ radar, even if they don’t open your mail.
  9. E-mail eludes electronic fences. E-mail gets past secretaries, answering machines, voice mail.
  10. E-mail is a versatile marketing tool. It’s ideal for sending newsletters, fliers, and other promotional materials without incurring the costs of printing and mailing.
  11. E-mail domain names can promote your business. Invest in a domain name that includes the name of your business.
  12. E-mail signature files are the equivalent of letterheads on stationary. Make sure to include your contact information in your signature file.
  13. E-mail demonstrates that you’re firmly in the 21st century.
  14. E-mail shifts the cost and burden from senders to recipient.
  15. E-mail has revived the lost art of letter writing.

By Rick Frishman
Reprinted from “Rick Frishman’s Author 101 Newsletter”
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