When Does the Marketing & Promotion Begin?

For all aspiring writers and published authors:

It should have already begun. Regardless of what you’ve read elsewhere, the marketing process should have begun long before the writing process in the majority of instances; unless of course, the monetary reward aspect of the finished product is of no concern. One will have a difficult time marketing and promoting a book no one has an interest in.

Yes, deciding on what you will be writing about is an important step in the marketing and promotion cycle and needs to be an extremely and carefully thought out process. Many authors have written books that have never and will never sell. What does that do for your reputation? Exactly…

Knowing what sells, as well as what is in demand is extremely important. That is the very first step, of many, in the marketing and promotion cycle. Knowing that you have taken that first step seriously should clear a path in your mind to let the creative juices begin to flow and allow your creativity to come to life.

Oh, sorry, did I forget to tell you there are other important steps in the marketing and promotion cycle needing to be taken in conjunction with the writing process itself? You’re not off the hook yet! Don’t worry you can perform these other important steps as you continue with your creative writing.

What are these other steps? Let’s take them one step at a time. Do you like the feeling of “anticipation”? Many people do; I know I do. Anticipation can build excitement and desire in the purchasing process of most individuals. I know when I have the desire to purchase something I’ve been anticipating for some time, I will go right out and purchase it without any reservations when it becomes available. Wouldn’t it be nice to have thousands and thousands of potential buyers for your book already lined up to purchase it before the release date? It can and will happen if you take these marketing and promotion steps along the way.

A great way you can build this anticipation is through pre-published marketing and promotion on the internet, in the social networking arena. There are so many ways to accomplish this. You may already be doing it and not even aware you are. Many of the social networking sites are free. Set yourself up on as many as you want, you be the judge!

I don’t want to take you away from your writing time any more at this point, so go on get back to it. I will continue with these steps, along with ways to proceed in my next article to appear soon.

Joseph “J.C.” Knudson is an author on a mission to educate the world’s population about understanding and accepting people who are gay. His first book, a memoir, is called Living the Difference (2010, Espresso House Publishing). Its subtitle is “An Enlightening Story Revealed For People of All Ages, Straight or Gay.” To learn more about J.C. Knudson, find him on Facebook or Twitter.