What’s New in Marketing Books?

shiny-objectSince I spoke at Author 101 University recently, a client asked me to share what’s new in book marketing. I thought for a minute and realized there is nothing new.

In fact, if you start grabbing at every “bright, shiny object” then you are probably doomed from the start.

Of course, social media is “new,” but it is a tactic. The strategy remains the same.

There isn’t anything new. It’s like it has always been – work your butt off. Don’t fall f or any “bright, shiny objects” that promise the sun, the moon and the stars.

1. Create a big list and promote the book to it.
2. Get lots of other people with big lists to promote the book to their followers.
3. Do any and all PR – press releases, get interviewed, social media, create your own media and distribute.
4. If you do an Amazon bestseller launch, you’ll sell a few books on day one and two and not much else.
5. Hope like hell people buy.
6. Continue steps 1-4.

The minute you stop promoting, the book dies.

Everything else is tactics and execution.

As Rick Frishman pointed out – the money in books is the business you create from the book. Use the book as a marketing and credibility tool and you’ll do fine.

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