What Your Books Can Do For You

Your books are second only to you in importance. Readers will only keep buying your books and tell everyone they know to read them if your books deliver. The most effective and costly campaign imaginable cannot overcome a bad book.

But if your books are as good as you want them to be, they will be excellent calling cards. Only meeting people in person can be more impressive. Books make excellent calling cards. They are an impressive way to introduce yourself to anyone and instantly prove your authority. The more successful your books are, the greater the entree they will create for you.

Your books will help you obtain:

  • Speaking engagements in your field and at writers’ conferences
  • Writing and editing assignments
  • Trade and consumer publicity in print, broadcast, and electronic media
  • Teaching positions, online and off
  • The opportunity to write other books on the subject
  • Free vacations in exchange for giving talks
  • Good PR when you use your books for raffle prizes or fund-raisers or partnerships with others

Your publisher will have copies of your books sitting in the warehouse, not earning their keep. If you can come up with ideas for using them, try to convince your publisher that the effort will pay off.

From “Guerrilla Marketing For Writers

By Rick Frishman
Reprinted from “Rick Frishman’s Author 101 Newsletter”
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