What They “Forgot” to Tell You About Book Trailers

book-trailerThey Claim: Millions of people watch movie trailers and go to movies. Won’t the same idea work for books?

Definition: A video that promotes a book using the same storytelling techniques that movies use. Videos are posted on your website and on YouTube and/or other video sharing sites. The goal is to create interest in your book and make sales.

Truth-o-meter: Daniel Pink has barely 2,000 views of his book trailer for “Selling Is Human.” If he can’t get people to watch his video…

Discussion: Book trailers are expensive to produce, but they don’t sell books because ve ry few people watch them.

Have you?

I’ve seen a few. They are beautiful and brilliant. They are as wonderful as movie trailers.

But no one watches them.

You have to have a big following to get people to watch or do anything – including drive traffic to your book trailer. If you don’t have that following, then give up now. If you do have a big following, investigate if that’s the best use of your money. How many books or widgets would you have to sell to recoup your investment?

Bottom Line: There are better places to spend your marketing dollars.

From Dan’s new book, “Internet Marketing Confidential: How to spot the lies and scams Internet Marketers Use to Rip Off Speakers, Authors, Coaches and Consultants.” Available soon.

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