What is Short Run Book Printing?

short-run-book-printingIn today’s world of e-books and self-publishing, writers should know a thing or two about the short run printing process prior to finishing their most recent project. Understanding a few things about processes like short run book printing, book printing in general, and other print run types can help make the process easier, more profitable, and overall, more enjoyable. Understanding the relationship between short run book printing and promoting your self-published work effectively is simple.

A short run printing job is any print job that is under 500 copies. This can mean books, fliers, brochures, or any other print media. A short run is beneficial for self-published authors for several very specific reasons. If a book does well during its first short run printing, it can be picked up for larger printing to help make the author more profitable overall. With a short run print, for the writer, it will cost less.

Short runs are often used in hardcover book printing and digital book printing as they allow for a smaller margin of loss if the book does not sell well at first. With hardcover book printing you can generally wait for the short run copies to sell out before printing less expensive paperback copies. With digital book printing, it is easy to remotely upload an order of 500 or less. Short run book printing can also be utilized by authors who wish to re-release a book with a new cover, or a newer version. Short run book printing also allows authors and publishers to test the market before they invest in a large print order.

Short run books are a great way for e-book self-publishers to get materials to the public, increasing awareness in reader circles, book clubs, local coffee shops and independent book clubs. Before you dismiss printing a hard copy of your book, gaining exposure through short run printing can help raise awareness, and increase profits from an e-book. Short run book printing can be an affordable, instrumental marketing tool for all authors and small publishers. Be sure to choose an experienced short run book printing company to guide you through the process.

Doug Gasch is the owner of Gasch Printing, a family owned book printing company specializing in short run book printing for authors and publishing companies nationwide. Request a book printing estimate online, or contact the customer service team to learn more about the variety of book printing services they provide.