Using Meetup to Find Local Writers to Help Promote Your Book

Your journey as a writer might be largely independent, but finding a network of other writers can encourage your creativity and, ultimately, help publish and sell your work. Thanks to the Internet and websites like, you can instantly be connected to a network of other local writers, which can positively impact your career. If you’re a new writer just starting out or a seasoned writer looking to share wisdom, Meetup groups can be a smart way to network. Understand the many benefits of joining a local writing group before you join.

Writing Tips

Joining a Meetup writer’s group allows you to have conversations about your passion—writing. Talk about best strategies for meeting deadlines, smart writing methods, and ways to combat writer’s block. This benefit can be particularly useful for new writers, looking for tips on succeeding in the always-competitive publishing field. Finding more experienced writers who have been through similar experiences can lead to helpful advice and guidance when it comes to launching your writing career. If you’re struggling with a particular issue, talk about it during the event—surely another writer has faced a similar challenge at some point in his or her career.

Networking Opportunities

Meetup’s writer’s groups are an excellent way to network. Just as you can get useful writing tips from other writers, you can also learn about writing and publishing opportunities when you’re connected to other writers. If you have completed your work and need to find a publisher, talk to other writers at Meetup group events to discover what publishers are accepting query letters and which ones writers would recommend. Perhaps you’re looking for a new writing opportunity. Participating in a Meetup group can give you valuable information about companies that are hiring writers or publishers who need work.

Free Promotion

You never know who you’re going to meet at a Meetup group event. If you’re a writer looking to promote a current work, joining this group can help you do just that. Interacting with a group of diverse writers—and perhaps editors and publishers—can expose your work to a large audience base. Use the Meetup writer’s group to make the right connections, and you can enjoy major success. You might meet the owner of a local bookstore who is willing to sell your book, an editor who can connect you to a publisher in your field, or a fellow writer who can introduce you to a public relations specialist willing to help market your book. The possibilities are endless when you network with a well-connected group of writers just like you.


Joining a writer’s group on Meetup and going to events to socialize and network with strangers might be way outside of your comfort zone. However, sometimes doing something risky is what it takes to succeed. Networking with other writers brings many benefits, which can have a significant impact on your career trajectory. Strengthen your writing by talking to people who share your passion. Asking questions, sharing your writing experiences, and discussing your work with a Meetup writer’s group can bring long-term benefits. Take a deep breath, and join a writer’s group to improve your writing and promote your work.

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