Use Your Networks to Market Your Book

Promotion campaigns for your books are not isolated events but part of a lifelong process, the success of which depends on:

  • The continual development of your knowledge of promotion
  • Your skill as a promoter, and just as essential
  • Your relationships with as many allies as you can enlist to help you

How can your networks help you? They can:

  • Be mentors who provide feedback on your ideas, your proposals or manuscripts, and your promotion plans
  • Tell all the people they know that they must buy your books
  • Share their knowledge of writing, selling, and promoting books with you
  • Be part of a mastermind group of five to nine knowledgeable professionals who meet regularly by phone or in person to serve as your unofficial board of directors, advising you on how to improve what you’re doing
  • Help you reach media people, experts in your field, and other authors
  • Share information about Web sites and other sources of information online and off
  • Write introductions and give you cover quotes for your books
  • Write articles about you and your books
  • Share or trade their mailing lists with you
  • Give you tips on how to save money on the products and services you need
  • Be your eyes and ears for information you need
  • Sell your books at their talks (Thanks to the zeal of Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, hundreds of speakers sell Chicken Soup books at their talks.)
  • Give you the lay of the land and a place to lay your head as you travel around the country
  • Do book tours with you to share expenses, an excellent example of cooperation
  • Make presentations with you
  • Have your promotional material at their presentations
  • Set up reciprocal links between your Web sites
  • Use their entree to the media to set up joint media appearances
  • Help you create or sit on panels for media appearances, book festivals, writers’ organizations, and conferences
  • Collaborate on books
  • Review your books

From “Guerrilla Marketing For Writers

By Rick Frishman
Reprinted from “Rick Frishman’s Author 101 Newsletter”
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