Turn Your Good Habits Into Rituals

writing-ritualsAs writers we all have our own habits. Some of them are good and some are bad.

A habit is something we kind of slide into.

In our work environment we may get into the habit of checking a few online news sites before we start work in the morning.

Or maybe we’ll run through our list of things to do, and set priorities for the day.

One way in which you can really help yourself, and your productivity, is to make a list of all the repetitive habits you go through each day.

Just take a sheet of paper, or open up a new document on your computer, and think about all the things you do each day.

Include everything. If you make a habit of going to the kitchen for a coffee and cookie mid-morning, add that too.

If you check the stats for your blog or web site a few times a day, add that to your list of habits.

Just think of all the things you do each day, on a repetitive basis.

Once you have completed your list, mark those habits which really help you get your work done.

For instance, that habit of checking your to-do list and prioritizing your tasks for the day is a good habit.

Now write out a separate list of the positive habits you have.

The next step is to turn these into rituals.

What’s the difference between a habit and a ritual?

A habit is passive. It’s just something you start doing, repeatedly.

A ritual is deliberate and conscious. It’s something you choose to do, with a purpose in mind.

From a freelance productivity perspective, habits can be good, neutral or bad.

But rituals have enormous power. They add structure to your day, and focus your attention and energies on activities that help you get more work done, faster.

Keep that list of rituals…all those positive habits. Pin the list to your wall. Go through them each and every day.

Quite quickly you’ll find that by following each ritual, on a daily basis, you’ll become more energized, deliberate and effective in how you work.

As for the time-wasting habits you added to that first list. Well, you know what to do with those.

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