The First Ten Steps

The First Ten Steps- Ten proven steps to build a solid foundation for your ebook using free social networking by International Bestselling Independent Fantasy Author M. R. MathiasOK…. Your ebook is published. You did some tweets about it and you posted on Facebook. Now what?The First Ten Steps lays out several PROVEN methods for using free social media sites to get your ebook in front of eager readers. But more than that, after a few months of following the easy 10-15 minute a day steps, you will have built a solid foundation for your pen name and created the one thing new authors have to have: NAME RECOGNITION.You will learn how to use and maximize time on sites such as, Wattpad, and Twitter to immediately draw readers to your work.You will learn how to use twitter #hash tags effectively, and how to grow and nurture your following of READERS; you will also find out how to put your new eBook in front of tens of thousands of people.Contests, Blog hosting, Do’s and

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