The Big Secret for Leveraging Your Publicity Interviews Big Time

You’re an author, speaker, consultant, coach, solopreneur, or small business owner. You are doing all you think you can to promote your company and your book, and are probably doing it single-handedly. Yet there is one simple thing you are probably overlooking.

Ask yourself this question to realize what that secret is: When was the last time you suggested to an editor or a radio or TV producer who contacted you for an interview that they may want to join your affiliate program so they can financially benefit from having you on their show, in their publication, or on their website? (Long sentence. You get the idea.)

Every time I am contacted to be interviewed in print or electronically or be a guest on someone’s teleclass, I always suggest to whomever contacted me that they join my affiliate program, especially since I usually mention one of my products during the interview.

It lets the person know you’re eager to add value to their business beyond providing an excellent interview for their readers or listeners. The interviewer is that much more eager to find ways to work together for the greatest good.

If you have a shopping cart on your site, you probably have an affiliate program within it, ready to be activated. If you already have an affiliate program, use it to your greatest advantage.

And if you think you don’t have product to warrant an affiliate arrangement, the odds are very high that you are probably sitting on a gold mine that merely needs some packaging and perspective. You have articles and blog entries you’ve written, audio and video recordings of speeches and interviews you’ve presented. You may have already written a book. Those things can be sliced and diced, expanded and contracted, and you have an instant product line sitting there waiting to reach the hands, ears, and eyes of those who will value it most.

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