The Art of Raising Your Celebrity Profile

Have you noticed that a lot of people are talking about celebrity lately? Maybe it’s just my reticular activating system (RAS) sparking up ever since I recently started talking about how to “raise your celebrity profile.” (No, I didn’t make up the “RAS” – it just means that I’m just hyper-aware of this particular language right now.) My use of the word “celebrity” is sparking some interesting and juicy conversations with people lately.

For me, raising your celebrity profile is NOT about:

  • A huge ego
  • Self adulation
  • Embracing a persona that isn’t you
  • Being pushy, phony, manipulative
  • Being fake
  • Riding everywhere in a limo
  • Adopting a snobby outlook or approach
  • Etc.

Rather, raising your celebrity profile is about combining your values, integrity, creativity and credibility with marketing and business best practices so you develop meaningful relationships with your clients – as well as the life and business you desire.

In more simple terms, it’s about authentic self promotion; spreading your message (or whatever you call it – your mission, concept, vision, movement) so that people take a certain action. When you focus on promoting your message, you give people something to really sink their teeth into, believe in and support. Your ideas inspire and motivate your ideal clients to act, and act now.

To give you a specific example of this in action, here is a link to friend’s dad who was recently on Good Morning America. Watch and see how he talks about the movement he is passionate about:

Being on television is only one way to raise your celebrity profile. There are literally hundreds of ways to do this. Mark Victor Hansen, author of the Chicken Soup book series, uses his moniker, “America’s Ambassador of Possibility” to promote himself and his mission.

My best suggestion to increase your visibility is to create a plan of action and follow it. Keep in mind that raising your celebrity profile is a long-term commitment to yourself. It’s about constantly building your reputation and establishing trust and respect in the marketplace. It is not something you do in a few months, wash your hands of and then move on to the next thing. The trick is to create habits that will move you from project-based self-promotion to more of a lifestyle choice.

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