Use My 4/12/3 Technique for More Book Sales

social-media-friendsA large part of social networking is the grouping of individuals into a particular group of interest. People join websites like Facebook and MySpace to find people of similar interests. All social networking websites allow users to connect to each other via buttons and groups. The more friends you have on these websites, the bigger your network is.

I finished an experiment a few months ago which proved beneficial to my book sales. My first goal was to make over 100 friends a week. The concept here was the more friends I had the bigger my network and the more people would hear about my book. But the reverse happened. Even though I was adding many friends, none of those friends got any personal attention. After several more experiments, I found the perfect number. If you use 4 different social networking sites to make 12 friends per week (with an interest in the subject of your book), by contacting each friend at least 3 times your book sales will increase dramatically. Each friend is getting enough personal attention to be interested in your book, and will possibly purchase it. But, the book sales don’t stop there. Those customers will tell their friends and so on and so forth. In essence, you gave the perfect amount of people a small bit of attention, enough for them to become a sales engine for you.

Give it a try for one week, it takes a bit of persistence but it works.

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