Tasty Titles

book-titlesAn omelet, scrambled or sunny-side-up, are eggs by any name. When you request any one of those dishes you probably know what you are going to eat for breakfast. The name is clear, fairly universal and easily understood. What does the title of your book say? Will a potential reader know what you are offering immediately when they see your book on your website, Amazon.com, on a bookstore shelf, or reviewed on a blog? Will they feel comfortable knowing what they may be reading? Even more important, does the title attract the reader you want?

Authors and first time publishers often make the mistake of misnaming their book. Then they may be disappointed when the sales are not what they expected. We suggest to our authors to err on the side of simplicity and friendliness to their readers. Some of our past authors and their titles are unequivocal in their clarity: Hospital Stay Handbook, by Jari Holland Buck, The Little Book on Relationships by John English. If you want to know more about hospital stays you know Jari’s book will inform you, and that John’s book will tell you more about relationships. Some of the titles we have worked on are intriguing, and draw attention: Hormone Deception, by Dr. Lindsay Berkson, or Quality of Life, by Janet Lembke. As a reader you still know that Dr. Berkson will be telling you about hormones, and Janet will be discussing the quality of life.

One of our current authors is Dr. Caron Goode, and her spring release is Raising Intuitive Children. Before you pick up the book you know there will be practical insights that provide parents with meaningful tools for raising children with intuitive intelligence. The added values you receive in this book are; in addition to being a national expert on parenting Dr. Goode is also intuitive, and understands the enormous social and cultural significance of parenting the whole child. Dr. Goode is the founder of www.academyforcoachingparents.com You can learn more about Dr. Goode at www.raisingintuitivechildren.com

Mari Selby, Director of Selby ink. We are passionate about promoting authors and their books. Selby ink does both traditional as well as online publicity and promotion. We specialize in books that make a difference in people’s lives. www.selbyink.com