Steve Gavatorta – The Reach Out Approach

What is your most recent book? Tell us a bit about it.

The book is called The Reach Out Approach: A Communication Process for Initiating, Developing & Leveraging Mutually Rewarding Relationships. The book speaks to the fact that effective communication/human interaction is becoming a lost art and needs to return. In our fast paced, high tech, low touch world we are not connecting, interacting and communicating like we did in the past – bottom line we rely on technology to communicate way too much. With that said, our relationships are not as rich, rewarding or productive as they should be to ensure maximum success. To be sure, technological advancements like email, text messaging & social media are good and serve their purpose but should not substitute for one-on-one human interaction for effective communication. Those people who can become masters at the one-on-one art of effective communication will create competitive advantages for themselves – both personally & professionally.

In the book, I teach a simple 3 step process to help people get back to the basics of connecting and communicating with each other. Teaching them to initiate, develop and leverage relationships for mutual benefits creating win-win environment.

Tell us something about yourself.

I’m originally from Pittsburgh and went to Allegheny College in Meadville, PA where I majored in Economics and was voted to their All-Century Football Team. Allegheny was an excellent school that emphasized writing. It was there where I really learned how to build the foundation and structure for writing and communicating a story. I was fortunate to have gone there. After college, I started a 20 year career in Corporate America and in specific, the consumer packaged goods industry where I held a variety of cross-function jobs for companies like GlaxoSmithkline, Warner-Lambert and Eastman Kodak. It was during that time where I developed an array of practical skill sets – sales, marketing, management, leadership, training and etc. That experience along with companies not training & developing people like they used to greatly influenced my decision to walk “cold turkey” from my job to start my consulting business. I had a fantastic foundation and background and wanted to help others who did not and thus not as skilled or successful as I was because of it. So basically I am living what I am passionate about most – helping others achieve their goals. I’m a lucky guy!

What is the best advice you could give other writers about writing or publishing?

Follow your passion and the book will essentially write itself. I started writing my first book on another topic all together and it went nowhere. I struggled and struggled until I realized how passionate I was about communication skills and in this day in age, the importance of being good at it. Once I changed the book content around my biggest passion, the book virtually wrote itself. Story after story, idea after idea just flowed. So bottom-line find out what your most passionate about and it will initiate an unbelievable creative flow and make the book easier and more enjoyable to write. It was an amazing experience.

What inspired you to write this book?

My belief that we are not connecting, interacting and communicating like before and that is proving detrimental to our success in relationships. I’m of the mindset that anyone’s success in dependent upon their ability to connect, interact and communicate with others. Think about it, if you can’t effectively communicate as a sales person, you’ll never connect with your buyer nor sell anything. Same as a leader or manager, if you have poor relationships with your teams they won’t perform as a cohesive unit. And the same thing in personal relationships such as a marriage of dealing with children, your need to successfully communicate is of the utmost importance.

What my book does is lay the foundation and provide practical insights to teach people to become effective communicators.

What types of books do you like to read? Who are your favorite authors?

I don’t have any favorite authors per se, but I enjoy three genre’s: Biographies, history and self-help. With regard to biographies I enjoy anything about leaders who have overcome great adversity. Anything about Winston Churchill and I’m hooked. Regarding history, I love reading stories about World War II which was a time of great courage and heroic leadership.

And lastly motivational books from the classics by Napoleon Hill and James Allen to current day motivators like Stephen Covey, Wayne Dyer and John Maxwell. I like reading books that inspire and show us the way to better things. And to help us become the best we can be either by instruction and/or example.

Who is the perfect reader for your book?

Anyone who wants to vastly improve their interpersonal relationships – personally & professionally. My book can help sales personnel improve relationships with their customers to drive sales. Managers and leaders can better coach, manage and motivate their teams. Teams can function more effectively. And from a personal perspective husbands and wives can connect better than before, both with each other and their children. It is a great book for laying the foundation for effective communication, human interaction and how it relates to whatever endeavor you partake. And that covers nearly everything we do in our daily lives.

Where can readers learn more about you and your book?

The best place is my website where there is a special section about the book. The remainder of the website explains more about me and my consulting business. You can also participate in my blog there too. I am also active on Facebook, Twitter, You Tube & Linked In where I supply various personal development insights, tips and information. I want all of my sites to have a positive vibe.

Lastly you can purchase my book at Amazon.

I hope you enjoy – please feel free to “Reach Out” to me and share your thoughts at