Seven Sentences Equal One Book Promotion Plan

Guerrillas can give the essence of their promotion plans in just seven sentences.

Here are the seven sentences and how we responded to them for Guerrilla Marketing for Writers:

1. The first sentence tells the purpose of your promotion: The goal of promotion will be to convince all authors they must have this book to become successful authors.

2. The second sentence tells how this purpose will be achieved, focusing upon the benefits of your book:

The book will be essential reading for authors because it will:

  • Help authors understand the importance of promotion and assure them they have the ability to do it
  • Give authors one hundred proven marketing weapons to use
  • Guide them through the process of preparing promotion plans that will enable them to sell their books to publishers and readers
  • Encourage authors to create calendars that enable them to use their most effective weapons at the time when they will yield the greatest returns
  • Relieve an author’s anxiety by assuring them that their networks include us and our guerrilla marketing Web site, which will help them if they need advice, encouragement, and a place to share their questions, tactics, and victories

3. The third sentence defines your audience: The book is for authors who want to build successful publishing careers.

4. The fourth sentence describes your promotion vehicles: The authors will promote the book with:

  • Review copies to writing and publishing magazines and directors of writers’ conferences
  • Talks to writers’ groups and conferences
  • Classes at which writers can prepare their promotion plans
  • Media and speaker’s kits
  • Articles in writers’ magazines
  • Online subscriptions to tip-of-the-day nuggets
  • Serialization of the weapons at
  • Interviews on radio, on television, and online
  • Mentions of the book on the author’s print materials, on their Web sites, and in the introductions for their presentations
  • A money-back guarantee
  • Being a book club selection on Oprah

5. The fifth sentence describes your niche in the market: The book will provide state-of-the-art information on promoting books based on the biggest-selling marketing series and will emphasize maximum clout at minimum cost.

6. The sixth sentence gives your identity: We are four veterans in the field, with almost a century of combined writing and publishing experience, whose goal is to help writers use promotion to earn the recognition and rewards they deserve.

7. The seventh sentence gives your promotion budget: We will spend $5,000 to promote the book.

Finally, to capture the essence of your promotion plan, winnow it down to seven words. Here they are for Guerrilla Marketing for Writers: Convince all authors to buy the book.

Once you have the essence of your plan, you will be able to write the full-length version, described below, which you will include with your proposal or manuscript. But between here and there comes a reckoning, called the promotion budget.

Reprinted from “Rick Frishman‘s Author101 Newsletter”
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