Selling Books with Friendster

I recently stumbled across a great website for book marketing called Friendster. It’s very popular in Asia, but is quickly making a presence in the U.S. The great aspect of Friendster is you can easily search for highly targeted friends. When you do a friend search, you can even group people by age category. The members on Friendster seem to be active as many members have 50+ friends.

Connecting with friends is easy on Friendster but they also have another nice feature for authors. You can add a 3D profile. Pick a landscape such as a cubicle in an office and that landscape is added to your profile. You then can customize that landscape and insert pictures of your book or any other relevant information about yourself. Then, someone can take a virtual tour of your profile in a 360 degree view.

Be sure to join the many groups they have available. If your book is on how to sell books online, as is mine, then join author groups.

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