Sell More Books with OOVOO

oovooDo you want a neat way to keep in contact with your customers? Try Oovoo allows you to have video calls with up to 3 people (free version) and more people with a paid version. Best of all, you can easily install a widget on your website. When a customer comes to your website, they can simply click the Oovoo button and your live video feed appears on their computer. What a great way to provide instant customer contact!

I can attribute Oovoo to a couple extra book sales per day. Would be web visitors who might have just left the site might be curious to click on the Oovoo video chat button. When they do, I give them the sales pitch and a smile and the book order shortly follows.

One tip that Oovoo users should avoid; always be dressed when answering a video call!

Michael Volkin is the author of the new hit book: Social Networking for Authors-Untapped Possibilities for Wealth.