Sell More Books with a Great Web Site

Your Web site is your best marketing tool. It is available to be reviewed 24/7. But before you market your Web site, make sure it has everything it needs to help you sell your book. It should include:

1. Home Page

  • About You section
  • About Your Book section
  • News and Media section
  • Easy sign up to receive mailings or newsletters
  • Easy way to buy your book
  • Easy way to contact you

2. About You

  • A bio about you. This should be written in a friendly, intimate way so the reader feels some connection to you.
  • If you are a speaker you can have a secondary page about this
  • What you are currently working on if you are writing a new book or doing something interesting that will make you feel topical to the media
  • A way to contact you directly. This can be a form or a link to your email address. This is your way to create intimacy with your readers and potential buyers. It is also a way to gather email addresses for future mailings.

3. About Your Book

  • A Summary of your book. Don’t use the summary on the back of your book, write your own. Tell the compelling parts of your book that you feel will be of interest to the reader. It is time to intrigue them and provoke them to buy
  • How to buy your book. If you are not selling it directly, add the Amazon or other distributor’s website and a direct link to where they can purchase the book
  • If you are selling the book yourself, include a method of payment as well as an area where the purchaser can request a special dedication, etc. and your signature

4. News and Media

  • Downloadable media kit
  • Any press releases
  • Any media coverage to date including links to articles, copies of articles, videos of interviews and audio files of radio interviews
  • Contact information

Susan Burnash is the owner of Purple Duck Marketing in Kirkland, Washington. Her company focuses on marketing, public relations, and video production for authors, speakers, small businesses and nonprofits. Please visit her website at Susan can be contacted by phone at 425-896-8959 or by email at