Secret Strategies For Standing Out In This Crowded Digital Age

Do you ever feel invisible in the sea of people who are out there marketing their book on the internet today?

If so, trust me, you’re not alone! As exciting as it is to be living in the most innovative time in history and with all of technology’s advancements at our disposal, it’s not uncommon to feel stuck or confused about how to get ourselves out there in this crowded digital age.

The truth is, business isn’t what it used to be. Things are moving much faster today than ever before – a fact that we must keep in mind when marketing ourselves. If we try to use the same old tactics that may have worked ten, five or even two years ago, it’s probable that we’ll be left in the dust. You’ve heard that change is good, but change is only good if you change with it. So, how do we change with these changing times to keep up with this fast-paced virtual marketplace? Here’s how!


Differentiating yourself in the marketplace is more important now than ever before. What makes you and your book unique? Why should someone buy your book over your competitor’s? If you don’t know how to position yourself as the expert to stand out from the rest, here are some tips to get you started!


Obviously, one way to establish yourself as an expert is by garnering media attention. Fortunately, today we’re no longer limited to the conventional media outlets of TV, radio and print. Now we can expand our definition of media to include New Media. Take advantage of social media outlets, internet radio/tv & blogs, and keep growing your visibility, fan base or followers.

When you expand your definition of media in this way, the internet gives you endless opportunities to get yourself out there and be seen. The advantage is that in today’s world, you don’t have to wait around for Oprah’s producers to call you. You can cause your own media coverage. Here’s why!

Often times it’s new media that drives conventional media. It’s there that they find experts and pick up stories. So, re-purposing teleseminars, webinars, podcasts, articles or anything that showcases you or your book through social media or other internet marketing channels is paramount!


With online traffic becoming increasingly more congested, increasing your speed to market is the number one key to getting seen. This means, making it super easy for people to find you and get what they need from you in order to make that “buying” decision.

Addressing this demand and the new “give it to me now” mentality of consumers and the media that comes with it, is a must in your marketing strategy!


You heard Tom Cruise say it in Jerry Maguire, “Help me help you!” Those words are gold today! The digital age requires that we help others help us in any way we can.

So, don’t make prospective customers, clients or the media work to find you, buy your book or feature you in the media! Make the process as easy as possible.

There’s no better way to help the media help you, than to make it easy for them to acquire your marketing materials. The new standard for the 21st Century is the online media kit and it’s what the media looks for when they’re looking to book you.

Having a website is one thing, but getting that website up to speed with the demands of the digital age is an entirely different story. Having a site that’s clean, easy to navigate, fully comprehensive, showcases all of your media coverage and makes it easy to access and download that content, already positions you to stand out hugely from the crowd!


Doing business in the electronic age allows us to update our online content in a nano-second. Keeping your content current adds to your credibility and professionalism as the expert. Plus, it allows you to represent yourself in the way that YOU want to be represented, rather than leaving others to randomly search you out on Google and pull down old content. If you provide it, they won’t need to go looking for it.

So, don’t get left behind. Make sure you get up to speed on the new industry standard for the 21st Century and position yourself as THE go-to person in your industry!

Liora Mendeloff is CEO & Founder of, the 21st Century solution to help you get greater visibility and media pick-up. InstantMediaKit is used and endorsed by industry leaders, best-selling authors & world renowned speakers to help them stay up to speed with the demands of the digital age.