Review: Write a Book without Lifting a Finger

Amazon ImageDo you think that those celebrities write their own autobiographies that everyone is dying to read? Maybe you didn’t even know that they liked to write. The truth is that they probably don’t. Many actors, athletes, politicians, business leaders and others use ghostwriters to write their books. if you have something to say but not the words to use, learn about hiring ghostwriters in this book, “Write a Book Without Lifting a Finger.”

Writing is both an art and craft. Putting words together in a particular order that inspires thought, dreams and action is hard to do unless you have talent and the motivation to improve your skills. A ghostwriter can assemble your knowledge and experiences into a book that shares your message with the world.

Ghostwriting is a business relationship, so learn how to protect your interests by creating a contract that protects your ideas and gives you ownership of the work. Did you know that the writer owns a work, even a work for which they were paid, unless there is a written agreement to the contrary?

In this book you will learn:

  • Why smart authors hire ghostwriters.
  • How to find ghostwriters who will increase the odds that you’ll get published and help you make more money from your book.
  • 5 ways to find bargain basement writers who will work for as little as $500, or even for free.
  • The 7 Key Guidelines for your ghostwriting contract so you can protect your ideas and avoid being ripped off.
  • How anyone with an idea can go from “normal Joe or Jane” to “paid author” in just 120 days.

You’ll also learn a secret formula that will help you sell your book before you write it and get a healthy advance… possibly even more than $100,000.

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