Radio PR Secrets

Vintage RadioThe worst thing you can tell a radio talk show host when answering her question is “It’s in my book.”

“I have found that some authors are reluctant to share the meat of their book with their listeners, hoping the listener will run out and buy the book,” says KTKK Radio host Linda Strasburg.

“The outcome is usually the opposite. When an author doesn’t share some of his or her core insights, the listeners think the book is weak and are reluctant to buy it. Over the years I have discovered this as the number one reason people don’t sell more books after interviews.”

Other radio interview tips from Linda:

  • Share with the audience unique, key tips and concepts to remember and use. The more unique and applicable to the listener’s life, the more memorable your interview will be.
  • Use a landline, non-speaker phone for your interview and turn off the call waiting.
  • Do not have barking dogs, kids and other noise in the background during the interview; it will not project the professional image you want.
  • Listen for the commercials coming up that are indicated by lead-in music; you have 30 seconds to complete your thought when the music starts.
  • Near the end of the interview, you will have time to give your Internet address and any additional promotional information you want to share; the best Internet sites are easy to remember.

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