Publishing Ebooks for Profit

Everyone is an expert. That is because each of us has knowledge and experience that is unique to us. You have knowledge from your chosen career or because of a favorite hobby, or you may have a combination of professional and personal experience that you can share with others for profit.

A simple way to profit from what you know is to write an ebook. For example, if you’re an experienced gardener, you can easily share what you know by writing an ebook. Ebooks are a great way to turn what is in your head into cash. Organic gardening is especially popular now, so if you are passionate and knowledgeable about organic gardening, you could write an ebook about it.

The things you know may seem obvious to you, but they are not to everyone else. The first step is to discover what you know that others do not. Then put together a brief ebook explaining it.

You could take a few hours or a day or two to organize and write out some of the amazing information stored in your brain and create a simple ebook. Even a short report of ten pages or so can sell for $7, $10 or more, depending on how much the information is worth to your customers.

Once the ebook is written and formatted you are ready to sell. Set up a page on your website about the ebook. Tell people how they benefit when they buy it. What will they learn to do? Will they make money or save money? Be more popular or more successful? Will they get something they want, or avoid something they don’t want? Show them why they need your ebook and how it will help them to get what they want.

Use PayPal to accept payments, and automate delivery with E-junkie. Then start promoting with press releases, forum postings, social media, etc.

Imagine that you sell 50 copies of the ebook at just $7. That translates to a day or two of work earning  $350. But it is just the start. You will continue to make sales as you do more promotion and as more people discover your ebook. And you can add more ebooks to your website and continue to increase your profits. For example, if you have 10 ebooks and sell just two of each every day at $7, you will earn nearly $1000 a week. Once you have written an ebook, each sale is almost 100% profit.

Go beyond selling only on your website and start selling your ebook on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, the Apple Store and other online ebook retailers to multiply your profits.

Start today by researching which of the subjects you know about would make profitable ebooks. Then write your first ebook and start selling it. Repeat as often as you can to continue building your income.

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