Publish a Book and Build Your Expert Reputation

expert-reputationIf you want to increase your reputation with your target audience so you can earn more from consulting fees or gain more referrals, you might want to consider writing a book. Doing so helps you build credibility with your target audience and is also a great ‘stepping stone’ to greater and greater expert status. You can leverage the number of books you published into media interviews. You can even be featured in print or broadcast media as an expert resource in the subject matter you specialize in. Here are some of the key reasons why you should publish a book to increase your expert reputation.

It’s all about credibility.

Your biggest asset is your credibility as an expert. As an expert, you are basically selling information that other people don’t have. This information can take the form of actual identifiable, specific information, or, more likely, your take on a particular problem or situation. People haven’t taken the time to do what you did to gain your expertise. This is what you build when you publish a book. You make it clear to them that you have specialized information. This information takes time, training, or discipline to gather.

How publishing books builds credibility

Books demonstrate your possession of expert information. Also, writing a book enables you to dictate the terms of how people will see how well you know about certain topics. You pick the sub topics, you line up the facts, you set up a situation where you look real good. You don’t write a book and conclude you don’t know much about the topic. That would be ridiculous. Instead, you narrow down a large question and you pick certain parts you know you can answer. The key is to look good by knocking down parts of a larger body of questions. (As a side benefit, you will learn even more about your subject as you write your book.)

Reach a broader audience

You might be a consultant or adviser. Most of this work is shared with a small number of clients; however, many of the issues you tackle for your clients might be issues a large number of people might be interested in. By publishing your take on certain issues, you broaden your audience instead of dispensing expert advice to a small group of paying clients. Sure, your clients may pay you lots of money per hour but if you publish a book, you can reach thousands of people who pay a small amount per book. This all adds up to a nice paycheck plus also lays the groundwork for more clients coming to you for special assistance. You can raise your hourly consulting rates as your book reaches more people and as you publish more books.

By publishing a book, you showcase your knowledge to a wider audience, and this can help you build a bigger reputation with the specialized media covering your niche. The more the media or influential niche taste makers consider you ‘credible,’ the more of an expert you’ll be in the eyes of your target audience. This can impact everything from the amount of money you charge for consulting to speaking fees at niche industry related events.