Publicity Stunts That Work!

Are you ready to gain attention of the media, your community or perhaps the country at large? Want to market your book yourself instead of paying a high price for someone else to do it for you? One of the greatest things about marketing your own book is the wide range of freedom and diversity you have to keep the attention of the public and size of your marketing budget in your control. Ready to promote your book?

What Not to Do

First things first, here’s what not to do. Remember the balloon boy hoax? In 2009, a Colorado couple claimed that a helium balloon drifted into the sky with their six year old son inside of it. During its hour long flight which finally landed near the Denver Airport, their son was not found to be inside of the balloon but instead hiding in their attic at home. Meanwhile, the Denver airport had shut down, TV and radio coverage and police authorities had gotten involved, in which the couple pleaded guilty for using this opportunity to start their own reality show. This publicity stunt didn’t work in their favor, but for many who are trying to market their book, there are many stunts that do. Here are a few ideas:

Connect With a News Story

Have you been struggling to find the right PR stunt that will generate attention from the public and the media to gain some attention for your latest book? Not all press is good press, as the balloon boy hoax and many other failed publicity stunts can attest to. Get connected to an already out-and-about news story and you can take advantage of free press for your latest book. You may see doctors in your area being interviewed before the local 10K race, giving out advice about how to properly train for a run while wearing a shirt that includes their businesses name. It’s genius really: they advertise their services while talking on the news – a win, win.

Put Yourself Out in Your Community

Working on your own PR stunts takes a creative mind, a bold imagination and thinking outside-the-box. How can you utilize your local Farmer’s Market every Saturday or the monthly book fair downtown? Let people know what your book is about by giving away free copies of it at community events. If your book is centered around living a healthy life for example, show up at the health fair with brochures that list your name, the book’s title, where to find the book and a couple of “free” tips that can be found in the book about healthy living. Print out neon flyers advertising your book with local businesses in the area, particularly book stores and coffee shops.

Pair Up With Local Businesses

Talk with local businesses, asking to pair up with “contests” they have going on for their customers. For example, if a café is giving one customer a month a free breakfast, ask if the restaurant will include a copy of your book while advertising it on their shelf. Attend an open mike night, reading a passage from your book and pass out neon flyers listing quotes from your book. Make your publicity stunts enticing, motivational and compelling, and the public won’t be able to turn away; thus, helping you spread the word on your latest published masterpiece.

Ethan S. writes on behalf of The Regan Group, a marketing firm that specializes in sweepstakes fulfillment, and operating as a promotional products distributor.