Publicity and Technology

I spoke at the ASJA Conference in New York City last Friday. Here are selected remarks from my speech.

Technology changes everything. Technology even changes the way we communicate with reporters to get publicity.

Technology had its upside and downside. We could easily send press releases and pitch letters to hundreds or thousands of reporters for free because email is free. And unfortunately, too many PR people actually did this. This was a bad move for reporters, PR people and clients.

So that brings us to today. How can we use technology to improve our media relations and get the visibility we need to sell more products more easily?

First of all, social media is a key. Reporters blog and tweet. You need to be following the 5 or 10 reporters who really matter to you.

Read their stuff.


Befriend them.

You will stand out from the thousands of lazy PR people who blanket the emailosphere – is that even a word? — with untargeted pitch letters. You’ll be rewarded:

1. When you pitch reporters, they very well might remember you and listen to you.

2. Some reporters are posting their own requests for information to their followers so you’ll be in a small group who will see their messages.

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