Promote Your Kindle Ebook and Make More Sales

ebook marketingLooking for some quick and effective ways to promote your Kindle ebook? Use these ideas to increase awareness and sales.

Blog tours are a great way to attract attention to your new book. You can arrange to do a blog tour in advance by contacting blog owners whose audiences would be interested in your ebook. You can offer to provide them with a guest post, a review copy of your ebook or an interview. Some blogs may be interested in hosting a giveaway of your ebook. Make yourself available to reply to comments and answer any questions that come up on the blog.

Blog tours can last for a week, two weeks or a month, with something happening on a different blog every day. Just don’t overload yourself with too much at one time and give yourself enough lead time to create any needed content and follow up with the bloggers who have agreed to host you during the tour.

We often host authors on blog tours here at To learn how you can be featured in an author interview, click here. (It’s free!)

Book trailers and videos are excellent ways of getting additional attention for your book. You can even upload videos inside your Amazon Author account. You can also embed your videos on your own website as well as sharing them across the various video sites including, of course, YouTube.

Google+ Hangouts are a perfect way to interact with your fans. You can schedule live events or pre-record a Hangout and share the link. You may even want to consider holding a weekly event where you talk about your area of expertise, share information about your upcoming projects and events or hold Q & A sessions for your readers.

Your recorded Hangout is automatically uploaded to your YouTube account and this gives you even more exposure. You have the option of making your Hangouts private if you only want to share your recording with certain people, but making them public helps more readers discover you.

Use your Facebook or Google+ account to set up an author’s page or a specific page for each book. To make this method work effectively you will need to interact with your fans regularly. This entails making regular posts and sharing items not just about your book, but related books and news. Make a point of sharing the comments and items that people share on your page. These are social media sites, so be social!

While your goal is to promote your book when it comes to using social media, sharing works the best. Always thank people for leaving a comment or sharing an image and just be visible and human. Don’t be overly salesy. Posting constant links to your Amazon page saying, “Buy my book!” will not win you any fans.

You need to spend time writing your next book, but you also have to sell the current one. The more you are active and visible online, the more your popularity (and ebook sales) will grow.