PR is One of Your Best Investments!

pointing.jpgPublic Relations or PR is one of the best investments a new publisher, first time or established author can make in their book for any genre of book.

Most people learn of great books from friends or something that they have read in the newspaper, heard  about on a radio program, learned of through an internet alliance, or saw on television.  Creating positive word of mouth is key to the success of any book distributed in the world.  Before you spend thousands on advertising, consider public relations.

Unless readers are looking for Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, or Sandra Brown, most people pick up a book because they heard or read something about it that prompted their interest not an advertising campaign. Travelers usually check around to see what others are picking up in the airports, train stations, or bus depots before venturing out on their own to find a new book.

Before you launch your new title, find out what the local papers, radio and television stations, and book groups are in your area.  Many television and radio stations bring in authors on a regular basis.

Most newspapers have feature sections on books and book events. Hiring a seasoned PR executive provides someone who has the contacts, knows the deadlines, and should have the relationships to garner your book coverage.  If you are looking to do the PR yourself, consult with a PR executive to make sure your release and materials are acceptable for press consideration. Once the publicity placements start to hit, many bookstores are thrilled to carry your book(s).

The internet has become an enormous tool in the marketing machine for books today.  Many recognized authors are teaming up with other authors to pull email lists of like books.  There are hundreds of book clubs and book resources found on the internet and other than your time, you can reach millions of people with  the internet about your book if you put the time into it. Even Amazon has a plethora of marketing opportunities that you can tap into just by looking at what other authors of like books are doing.  I have found that it is best to do a combination of all types of media and internet for the best results on any title, fiction or nonfiction.

Lissy Peace is President of Blanco & Peace. You can learn more about the author at