Power Publicity Tips

1. Go old school, and actually utilize the good old USPS to reach out to media. In a time when the vast majority of business communication is e-mail, think how refreshing–and attention-grabbing–to actually mail a press release and pitch letter to a producer or editor. The receive so few mailed press releases, chances are they’ll open it and actually read it!

2. When sending a book, fold the press release with the type showing out when you insert it with the book. This may sound a bit odd, but mailing experts will tell you it makes a substantial difference in terms of getting something read.

3. Send your book via FedEx or UPS for overnight delivery. This does two things: 1) the recipient may believe that since its been over-nighted, they probably requested it, and 2) something sent overnight gives it a clear sense of being important.

4. Never use Amazon.com reviews in your promotional pieces. Everyone knows that anyone can post a review on Amazon; consequently, such reviews have no impact at all. The only exception to this is media outlets or legitimate and recognized reviewers post their review.

5. Set realistic expectation for book sales, and how fast they will happen. Of course, every author wants to sell books, preferably millions. Especially for first-time authors, realize that you need to be in the publicity game for the long haul, and that it takes time to create that all important buzz which typically translates into sales. If you stick with it, whether on your own or with an agency, chances are good you’ll see some decent sales numbers.

Sandy Diaz is the President of Smith Publicity, Inc. Beginning in 1997, Smith Publicity is one of the world’s leading promotional firms, specializing in book publicity. Fueled by a passion for making good things happen for clients, the company has worked with over 900 individuals and companies–from authors and entrepreneurs to publicly-held companies and businesses representing a wide range of industries. The Smith Publicity reach is international with offices in New Jersey, New York City, Los Angeles, and London. For more information about Smith Publicity, Inc., please visit www.smithpublicity.com.