Poetry Book Publishing Tips For The Uninitiated Poet

Poetry touches human lives and can bring their awareness of life experiences onto a higher level. Surely, that is enough to make any one who writes poetry, desire to get their poems published and read. If you are an aspiring poet who yearns to see your works published, keep in mind that it is not an impossible goal, but one that entails a lot of hard work.

First of all, if you plan to work with big publishers, prepare to get one rejection after another, because big name publishers seldom take the risk and gamble their resources on someone who hasn’t made a name in the literary field yet. Your best bet then, is to either work with small companies that are into poetry book publishing. Once you get one book out and has made a reputation for yourself, then it will be easier to approach the big publishers later.

If poetry book publishing by smaller publishing houses does not appeal to you, then there is another way to earn your reputation, and that is to get yourself known in literary circles. You can do this in several ways. For example, you can teach poetry and earn the respect of the academic community. You can try joining poetry contests and win so as to acquire a good following. You can get yourself published on magazines, newletters and other journals to make yourself known among poetry lovers.

Another way to get their poetry published that others have tried is by joining poetry reading sessions, especially of poets who already have published works. This is one way of networking with the achievers, and hoping that some of their success will rub on you. You can learn from their struggles on the poetry book publishing arena and you can find out who their publishers are or were, when they were just starting their careers as poets.

Keep your eyes open for opportunities, and your ears sharp for information. If you are active in the poet’s network, for example, sooner or later you will hear about publishers who may be just trying to build a new stable of poets, and who are welcoming submissions from new poets.

This is why it is always best to keep writing poetry and learning from the poets who had already succeeded in their poetry book publishing goals. You’ll never know when the opportunity will present itself, and you may suddenly be called to present your portfolio of your best loved poems. It is best to come prepared for such opportunities, by keeping your collection of the poems you have written through the years.

Of course, your last, but perhaps most sensible option is to do the poetry book publishing yourself. Through the present technologies in desktop publishing, you can easily start the process of poetry book publishing. You’d be surprised how you could come up with an interesting book at such a small cost, as long as you use your creative talents in conceptualizing the layout, the content and the mode of delivery of your book.

Although nothing comes easy when you talk about poetry book publishing, it will be worth your efforts once you see a poem with your byline on it. Nothing compares to the thrill of knowing that you are touching the lives of your readers, through your thoughts and your poetry.

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