From the Author: Guidelines for Great Pinning

In Pinfluence, I’ll give you the tools and tips you need to create visual content that is so compelling that you may not even need to distribute it yourself; your readers, fans, and followers will do it for you! Here are some quick guidelines for great pinning:

Your images should be beautiful, remarkable, and interesting.
You want to post pictures that are attractive and well lit. If you plan to upload or pin a lot of your own photography, this is good time to invest in a great quality digital SLR camera. Remember that good-quality photography will get more attention on Pinterest.
Don’t make your images too tall and skinny, or pin anything that is over 5,000 pixels tall. This is crucial because the “Repin” and “Like” buttons are at the top of each pin. If a user has to scroll a long way just to see the entire image, then it’s very unlikely they will scroll back up to repin your image.
Remember to caption the great images you create with keyword-rich captions so that people can easily find them when they search. Keyword-rich means that you want to use terms that are specific and meaningful to your potential customers. For example, instead of a caption saying, “Our lovely spring bouquet,” use some specific words and say something like, “Our lovely spring bouquet of white hydrangea and pink roses.”

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