Patience, Passion & Perseverance

To write a successful book, you must be passionate about both your subject and your book. You must breathe, eat, sleep, and live with them. You have to know your subject inside out and make sure that you don’t lose interest in it.

Many aspiring authors get excited about their subjects and go through a quick, torrid romance; then they lose interest and the project dies. To keep the fire flaming, you must believe in your book and in the benefits it will give others.

When you truly believe, the hard work will become easier and worth the effort. It will not be as difficult to remain patient, to be persistent, and to not give up. When you’re passionate about your book, your belief will convince others. It will make them into converts, supporters, and disciples who will deliver your message. Inspired by your passion and belief, they will help you build a groundswell for your book.

Don’t give up. Innumerable books that were repeatedly rejected, shopped from publisher to publisher, have gone on to great success. All it takes is one publisher, one break, one “yes” to launch a book. Keep at it until you get that yes.

Publishing is a copycat industry; houses identify the types of books that are successful and try to determine how to capitalize on that success. They’re always on the lookout for new interests and trends, and then they try to jump on the bandwagon.

As a result, many strong, inventive book ideas are rejected because the publishing industry is simply not ready for them; these books and ideas are before their time; they don’t fit neatly into the required mold.

Be patient and don’t get discouraged. In time, the industry will catch up to you. Hang in there until the powers that be in the publishing industry see the light.

Don’t let the fact that they say no stop you. With each rejection, offer them more. “When they say ‘no,’ I say, ‘Well, let me give you another thing to think about before you hang up,'”

Be forceful, assertive. Take the attitude that nobody is going to stop you. Understand that you may get rejections, but see them as detours, not defeats. Find other routes, other targets, and keep moving forward. Be patient and understand that acceptance may take time.

Reprinted from “Rick Frishman‘s Author101 Newsletter”
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