How to Pitch Reporters in the New Era of “Pageview Journalism”

It’s getting harder and harder to get reporters to write about you because there are fewer newspapers and fewer reporters!

One trend noticed by Shel Holtz is the rise of “page view journalism” in which reporters are rewarded financially for getting more people to read their stories.

What this means for PR people is that you can curry favor with reporters when you pitch them with the idea that this story is so interesting, they’ll get more page views.

I used to say, “Your readers are interested in this story because…” But while that will still work, it will be even more direct to say, “This story will generate page views.” Now you are speaking the language of today’s reporter.

Shel also points out that you can help the reporter get page views when you promo te the story on your website and on social media. Let himknow you will go into hyper drive to promote the story and you might have given the reporter what  he needs to write the story.

It’s a whole new world of journalism!

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