Online Grammar Resources for Writers

It seems that we all struggle with issues regarding spelling, grammar and punctuation. Is it lay or lie? I or me? I before e, except after c? Does the question mark go inside the quotation marks? Even if you are an experienced writer with a degree in English, you probably have questions now and then.

Here are your answers. These are some of my favorite resources from around the Internet. The next time you need to solve a thorny writing problem, check these sites.

The Guide to Grammar & Writing is sponsored by the Capital Community College Foundation. It includes quizzes, FAQs and many other useful references.

The Guide to Grammar & Style, by Jack Lynch, is one of my favorites. It has an A – Z listing of topics, with lots of easy to understand examples.

And don’t forget the Grammar Girl podcast. Mignon Fogarty provides “quick and dirty tips” to improve your writing.  Entertaining and informative.

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