Online Book Marketing – Is It Effective?

online-book-marketingIf you have recently published a book or novel, you be pleased to know that the Internet can become your most valuable resource. There is controversy as to whether or not it is effective to market your book online, especially since so many people are reading content directly on the Internet or downloading e-books. However, you can make these tactics work to your advantage to market your book through the Internet.

One of the most effective ways to have a successful book is through word-of-mouth, which is what the Internet is all about. People still do want to purchase hardcover books, and it will be even more enticing if you can offer your book in e-book or PDF format so that it can easily be downloaded to an iPhone or Kindle. Regardless, it is to your benefit to take advantage of social media networks, including Facebook and Twitter. There is no reason to be a sleazy marketer, but it is helpful to use these venues to create genuine connections with people and get the word out about your book.

One other helpful tactic in Internet marketing your book is to give out free copies to readers on your blog or website so that they can review the book for you. This is instant press and word-of-mouth, and it will get the ball rolling in selling more copies. Many people need to hear about a book over and over again before they want to purchase it, which is exactly why it is helpful to use this free publicity on the Internet.

One thing to keep in mind is that marketing on the Internet can be free, so please do not fall for any type of tactics in paying for advertising or spamming. There are natural and organic ways to get the word out there about your book online, including giving out free copies of your book in exchange for positive reviews to be posted on the Internet.

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