No More Small Amazon Orders

If you are a member of the Amazon Advantage program, you may be frustrated by receiving weekly orders for odd lots of your books. There is a simple solution, though, that will make it easier to manage your Advantage stock.

Filling orders takes time. When those orders are not for full cases of books they take even longer, as each order must be repacked. And when Amazon is making frequent, small orders, you increase the chances that a sudden increase in demand will cause your book to be out of stock at some point.

Amazon offers a solution for Advantage publishers that can eliminate those small, odd lot orders and the hassles that go with them. I currently ship books to Amazon about four times a year, and never have a problem with my book going out of stock. I do this by submitting quarterly stock-up requests, asking Amazon to order a supply of books. Here is how you can do this:

Log in to your Advantage account, and click on the Contact Us link (currently located at the bottom of the page). On the contact form where it says “Select Issue,” select “Orders, Confirmation and Shipping,” then under “Select Subissue,” choose “Stock-Up Request.”

List the titles you want Amazon to stock-up, along with the quantity of each item. You must also provide a reason for the stock-up request. For example, you may request that Amazon order a larger-than-usual quantity of books because of an upcoming promotion or publicity. I use stock-up requests to avoid shipping small quantities of books in multiple orders. I might say something like this where they ask for the reason for the request:

I would like to ship a three-month supply in full-case lots. Sales average 100 books per month, and the books are packed in cartons of 30. I am therefore requesting that you order 300 books (10 cartons). Thank you for considering my request.

Make your request reasonable. I always ask them to order a three-month supply, and my requests have always been accepted.

Provide complete information. Why this number of books? What is the ASIN or ISBN of the book, as well as the title?

Be polite. Amazon is not obligated to order the number of books you would like them to. You are asking them to do something that will make your life easier, so ask nicely.