Nadine C. Keels – Write Your Genius, Genius!

Nadine, tell us a little bit about you.

Well, “Nadine” is a French name that means “hope.” I’m a novelist, a poet, an editor, and a spoken word artist, and it’s my goal to impart hope to people through everything I create. I’m a native of Seattle, Washington and have lived in this area all my life, but I’m only beginning to gain a conscious sense of the culture here. The Seattle area is a real center for art and innovation, and I’m doing my best to contribute to it. I’ve been writing since I was a child, but I didn’t get decisively serious about it until I became inspired enough by my life journey to write my first novel, Yella’s Prayers, at the age of seventeen. I’ve been writing books ever since, believing that both the positive and negative experiences of our lives are valuable and can spark the kind of inspired writing that will help the people who read it.

What is your most recent book?

My latest book is my first nonfiction reference, Write Your Genius, Genius!: A Rather Quick Guide to Book Writing. Earlier this year, around the time of the release of my second novel, my pastor asked me if I’m ready to publish other authors. I don’t have my own publishing company yet, but ever since I published my first collection of poetry in 2009, people have been asking me for book writing tips. I figured that I may as well find a simple and efficient way to answer everyone’s questions, so I wrote Write Your Genius, Genius! to share what I’ve learned with a wider audience.

Your book has quite an interesting title. How did you choose it?

I consider myself to be a genius, and I desire to bring out the genius in others. People are often not even aware of their own genius until someone helps them to identify it. I wanted “genius” to be blatant in the title, but I also wanted to keep it light and upbeat, as writing a book shouldn’t be a drag. I tried to reflect that lightness in my subtitle, A Rather Quick Guide to Book Writing.

Who is the perfect reader for your book?

Write Your Genius, Genius! is designed for people who wish to write a book but are not sure where to start, as well as for those who may’ve written a book before but are feeling a bit stuck when it comes to their latest work or ideas. The principles that I lay out in the book can also be of benefit to other types of artists, like songwriters and playwrights, as I show them how to tap into their genius and give voice to the message in them that’s waiting to come out. I’m looking to impart hope to other writers (and aspiring writers.)

Your book must have a lot of advice for writers in it. What is some of the best advice you can offer other writers, at present?

My biggest piece of advice right now is to keep on writing. There are forecasters in the marketplace who are watching book sales and bookstore trends, and they believe the book industry is in danger. I believe this apparent “danger” actually represents a shift. Humankind moved away from writing on stones and scrolls, once upon a time, and humankind is in the process of moving again, but that doesn’t mean that literature itself is becoming obsolete. Literature has been around for thousands upon thousands of years; people are going to continue to hunger for it, regardless of the form that it comes in. So as long as dedicated writers resolve to produce quality and thoughtful content, the world will keep on reading it.

You mentioned that you’ve been inspired by your life experiences, negative and positive. What other authors inspire you?

I could list quite a few, but to name three, I’m inspired by Henry James for his command of language, by Janette Oke for her honest simplicity, and by my brother and fellow novelist J.E. Keels, for his delightfully haunting style of storytelling.

Where can readers learn more about you and your books?

I invite everyone to check out my website at for information on all of my books and my editing service, to find out about The Song of Nadine: Spoken Word, and to subscribe to my blog. I’m on Facebook at, and most of my books are available in print or as ebooks at


  1. Shelia O'Connor says

    Nadine Keels is truly an inspiring young woman who has a passion for everything she does. I enjoyed this interview because even after knowing her for a few years, I was able to get another glimpse of her personhood.