My Dumbest Marketing Mistake

In this guest post, Dan Janal shares a mistake. Even though he is very successful, a different choice might have made him even more successful. Do you ever turn down an opportunity because the person or company is “too small”? Although that can make sense at times, it can be shortsighted. The other miscalculation is not wanting to work with “competitors.” When Dan started thinking of a marketing partner as a competitor, he gave up a good opportunity.

wrong-decisionHere’s a story.

Several years ago, I was asked to write a regular blog for a startup named Duct Tape Marketing. I did and that company grew. In fact, their listings began to outshine my listings on Google for the same article!

So I quit writing for them. After all, I didn’t want Google searchers going to their site instead of mine.

It was the worst move of my career.

They grew to be incredibly big and John Jantsch, its founder, is now a big name in Internet Marketing and with entrepreneurs. At first, they grabbed my coat tails. But I should have held on to theirs and enjoyed the ride.

I’m sharing this story because I hear my clients say, “Oh, I won’t respond to that reporter. The publication is too small.”

Little publications become big publications.

Little reporters become big reporters.

The same is true with companies. They all started small.

The same is true with thought leaders. At one time, they were know-nothings who dug in and did the work.

Remember: Tall trees started as small acorns.

All publicity is good publicity.

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