Multiply Your Speaking and Consulting Income With Content

One of the best ways to multiply your earnings from speaking engagements is to fill the table in the back of the room with books, workbooks, manuals, DVDs, CDs, and other information products. Because after exciting the audience with your speech, many people will want more (and be willing to pay hundreds of dollars for it). So how can you create a catalog of information products fast?

Maybe you have a book or a few DVDs-that’s a great start. But you can use those materials over and over again in different ways to generate more attention and income to your speaking career. Regardless of what you’re getting paid to speak, you can make six figures at every event. Consider the following tips.

1. Use Content to Market Yourself

Sure, you can place ads and use publicity opportunities to get additional speaking engagements and business. But creating content is one of the best ways to make yourself known. In your marketing plan, you should include writing articles and special reports, as well as hosting free and paid teleseminars and events for your clients. These are simple ways to generate a large body of content fast.

2. Repurpose Everything

If you’re actively marketing your business and speaking services, then you should be generating tons of content that can be reworked or reformatted to create multiple valuable products. For example, every teleseminar or speech you deliver can be recorded and used later as a CD. That CD can be used as a lead-generating giveaway or packaged with other CDs or sold on its own. Then you can transcribe and edit that recording and use it as a special report or break it up into several articles or combine it with other reports to compile a book. The opportunities are endless!

3. Write a Book-But Don’t Stop There

Authoring a book is one of your most powerful marketing weapons. So if you haven’t already, start looking at your articles and reports to see how you can repackage these into a book. You may need to write a few chapters to fill it out and make it more powerful, but using your existing body of content gives you a head start. So write that book! (Then break up all the chapters later and repurpose those too!)

Writing Your Body of Work

Creating and repackaging content can multiply the income you earn at every speaking engagement and consultation you do. Even if you speak for free, you can walk away with a pocket full of checks from people who loved what you had to say and wanted more. But you have to have the content-the books, articles, CDs, and workbooks-to take advantage of this opportunity. Use these tips to start today!

Melinda Copp is an editor and ghostwriter who specializes in helping aspiring authors achieve their writing goals. Sign up for Melinda’s free e-zine, and get a copy of “The Top 10 Mistakes Aspiring Authors Make and How to Avoid Them!”