Making Time to Write

Do you wish you could write more, but believe you do not have enough time? We make time for what is important, and excuses for the rest. If you want to write, here are ten ways you can stop making excuses and make the time to write.

Claim small bits of time. Do not assume that you need to set aside an entire day in order to write. Many authors have written books in little blocks of time—such as 15 to 30 minutes—at a time.

Write out loud. Do you spend a lot of time in your car? Carry a small recorder in the car and talk your book. The recording can be converted to a computer file by a transcription service. Or use voice recognition software, such as Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Preferred. Naturally Speaking can even transcribe your recordings.

Use waiting time. When you are waiting for an appointment, or to pick the kids up from school, or for anything else, whip out your computer or a legal pad and get some writing done.

Use technology. You do not have to be at your desktop computer. Write on your PDA or smart phone. Send text messages or emails to yourself with bits of writing.

Write at lunch. Instead of going out to lunch, take a bag lunch and spend part of your lunch break writing. You will not only make progress on your book, you will save the money you would spend eating out.

Turn off the television. According to a 2003 survey, Americans spend an average of nearly five hours a day watching television. Even if you do not turn off the television completely, cutting out an hour or two frees time to write.

Write on the bus or the train. If you commute to work on public transportation, use the time to get some writing done.

Make an appointment. When you need to go to the doctor, take a class, meet with your child’s teacher or take care of other business, you make the time. Put writing on your calendar just like any other appointment.

Stay up late or get up early. Go to bed a little later than usual or get up a little earlier and use the time to write. If you are up when everyone else is asleep, you can use the quiet time to work on your book.

Just write. If you truly want to write, you will find a way to do so.