Make Your Book Signing a Success

1.    Before The Event:

  • Sell sheet or flyer – This features you and your book, and information on how-to buy the book now.
  • Your media kit
  • A copy of your book
  • A short blurb – For their newsletter or announcement around your appearance
  • A press release around your appearance – You should have a standard one that you can change out the specifics of your appearance, location, time, date, etc.; but use an angle in your press release to get more coverage. (ex: 2-career mom finds time to write book and do readings at local bookstore.) Showing your commitment to helping promote the event can help you secure the opportunity.

2.    During The Event:

  • Books to sign – Make sure you check in with the event coordinator to see how many is sufficient for their expected attendance (You will need to coordinate this with your publisher.)
  • A postcard or business card – This informs attendees on how they can contact you and purchase more books.
  • Mailing list form – For attendees to sign up to receive your newsletter and announcements on future appearances and new book releases.

3.    Optional Marketing Tools:

  • A postcard or flyer – You or the coordinator can send out inviting guests to attend.
  • Event poster – This can be displayed around town to increase awareness, interest and attendance.

4.    Things To Ask:

  • How will your appearance be promoted? (newsletter, press release, e-mail announcement, invites, etc.)
  • How many books you should have on hand?
  • How can you help them promote your appearance?
  • Can you follow-up with a personal note card or email to thank attendees and those that purchased your book? (You are building your own contact database for future signings, book sales, announcements, your newsletter, etc.)

5.    After The Event:

  • Send a thank you note to the event coordinator with a personalized copy of your book.
  • Send a thank you email from the sign up list to those that attended the event.
  • Follow through on any financial promises for contributions ASAP. Goodwill creates excellent references.

Susan Burnash is the owner of Purple Duck Marketing in Kirkland, Washington. Her company focuses on marketing, public relations, and video production for authors, speakers, small businesses and nonprofits. Please visit her website at Susan can be contacted by phone at 425-896-8959 or by email at