Make the Most of Giving Your Speech for Free

So you have decided to start using public speaking to increase your visibility. Great idea! Speaking is arguably one of the best ways to raise your star power and become known in your field. While just getting out from in front of your computer and in front of groups of your ideal clients is great in and of itself, don’t stop there. There are other things you can do to make the most of providing valuable content with a no-cost speech. Here are some things to consider

Be the Paparazzi. Take your camera and Flip camera. If you don’t have a Flip yet, I suggest getting one. A Flip camera is a simple to use small hand-held video camera that even my cat can operate. It features a USB jack which makes uploading your video to your computer, blog or other web sites a breeze. Have someone take pictures and video of you speaking in front of the audience. Use the images in your ezine, on your blog, in your social media outreach, in your online press kit and so forth. Having these images will prove handy for increasing your image.

Request a Speaking Endorsement. After you speak, it is perfectly fine to ask the event organizer if they would be willing to provide you with a testimonial. You can either do this at the event, using your Flip camera for a video testimonial or after the event in written format. Once you have a testimonial, add it to your speaker’s sheet so future event coordinators will see that you are skilled at bringing value to other groups.

Make a List. Be sure to make a list of each and every speaking event you do. You will use this on your speaker’s sheet and also for future marketing if and when you develop a different speech.

Embrace “Miss Manners.” It takes an enormous amount of time, energy and money to create events. If you take a few minutes to send a thank you card to the event organizers, you will continue to build a relationship with them. Many event planners say that this is a sure-fire way of getting booked to speak again because most people don’t take the time to do this. Also, offer to be a resource should they need other speakers. This works for both live and virtual speaking events!

Make Some Money. If the event allows you to sell something at the back of the room, by all means, do it! If not, just use the experience to build your list by offering a free report in exchange for their email address and their permission to send them your ezine.

Record It. If you are speaking on a teleseminar, be sure to record the call yourself or ask the event coordinator if they are recording it and can send a copy. Here are just three ways you can use the recording: Use it as a bonus for a program or service, have it transcribed and use the content for several written articles or as a free downloadable report or sell it as an audio product.

Collect Testimonials. After you speak, it is very likely that people will walk up to thank you and introduce themselves to you, tell you a little story or why they enjoyed your presentation. If you have an assistant with you, make it his or her job to ask these people if they would be interested in doing a video testimonial (with your Flip camera) or written testimonial to use in future marketing. Include these testimonials on your speaker’s sheet, ezine, web site, blog, and so forth.

Build Your List. Depending on where you are speaking, you may be able to collect a list of attendees and email them a special report or your power point presentation after the speaking engagement and encourage them to sign up for your e-newsletter. (Again, never add them directly to your list without their permission.) Or you can do a drawing for a book or a product of yours and to be eligible to win, attendees must drop their card in a basket. Be sure to tell them that everyone who enters the drawing will receive a free subscription to your ezine and will get a copy of your no-cost report.

With just a few tips and tweaks like this, you can maximize your efforts with these tips to make the most of speaking, even if you don’t charge a fee.

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