Localizing – the Key to Increasing Your Publicity

The media-response rate for news releases with a local-community-involvement angle is the higher than for any other news release I send. They result in more interviews and more publications. Newspaper editors, in particular, appreciate these customized pitches.

It’s work to localize a news release. It takes research to identify the specific concerns and attributes of a unique community. But it’s worth it. If you are able to cater your release to a local audience and do it convincingly, they will feel appreciated and be receptive to your pitch.

First, study the local news, education, and entertainment media outlets. Glean what you can from them, in terms of style, material, and audience.

Here is a list of potential key elements that can be used to flesh out local story angles:

1. Local event
2. Local impacts or consequences identified
3. Local people, families, or residents involved
4. Quote from the local person of interest
5. Local person offered for interview
6. Story about a local person or people
7. Direct media access to the local people involved
8. Local innovation, breakthrough, or accomplishment
9. Local problem, challenge, issue, or concern
10. Local prediction (good or bad)
11. Local interests (groups, clubs, cultures, private or public interests) affected
12. Local area affected (geographic locations)
13. Local facts, data, and statistics
14. Local photo offered with permissions of people in the photo
15. Local photo opportunity offered
16. Local business or government or institution involved
17. Local secrets, knowledge, special opportunities, hot spots, cool or fun things to do or go
18. Invitation to local media to attend or get involved
19. Creating or offering additional local opportunities for events, interviews, and photos in the future
20. Create new local surveys, events, scholarships, programs, or contests, with local winners.

The more of these elements you can offer, the better your chance of success with the media will be.

Paul J. Krupin offers trash proof news releases, expert publicity advice, and custom targeted publicity services at http://www.DirectContactPR.com/. This article is excerpted from his Trash Proof News Releases ebook.