Creating Links to Your Author Central Page on Amazon

Amazon-iconThe easiest way to help customers find all of your books and ebooks on is to send them to your Author Central page. Author Central is, as the name implies, a hub where customers can learn all about you and find all of your published works, including print books, audio and Kindle ebooks. As you add new titles, your Author Central page is updated.

Linking to your Author Central page not only makes it easy for readers to find you and your books, it will also help the search engine rankings of your page. That means that even more readers can learn about you.

So how do you create these links? Here are some suggestions about linking to your Author Central page so that you and your books can get more visibility.

Social Media Profiles – Each of your profiles on social media networks, such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc., allows you to link out to your other online locations. Although you may want your primary link to be to your website, also include a link to your Author Central page in your profiles wherever you can.

Your Website – Link out from your website to other places you have a presence on the web. That might include Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr and other social media and content sites, but it should also include your Author Central page at Amazon. Cathy Stucker has links to her social media profiles and also to her account at Amazon Author Central in the sidebar of her blog at


Email Signatures – An email signature is a block of text that is automatically appended to each email you send. Keep it short, as you do not want a signature that is longer than most of the emails you send! Generally, an email signature should be six or fewer lines of text. As an example, your signature might include your name, your book title and tagline, and URLs to your website or blog, your Facebook fan page and your Amazon Author Central page.

If you are not sure how to add a signature to your emails, look up “signature” in the system you use for email. Here is a link to the signature how-to for Gmail.

Forum Signatures – In addition to email signatures, most online discussion forums allow you to have a signature that appears at the bottom of each message you post. Don’t overdo the number of links—most forums have rules about what is allowed in signatures—but your forum signature is another place where you can make people aware of your books.

If you do not already have an Author Central page on Amazon, set one up today. Once you have your page, start linking to it to get more attention for both you and your books.